Arsenal – Southampton

A. Wenger’s team has won their last two games (Borussia Dormunt in Champions L. 2-0 and L. West Premier B. 0-1), which was essential to calm the voices calling for the ouster French technician. However, these last two games have to catch them with tweezers: B. Dormunt is not too played (can certify the first place in the group on the final day and is more aware of leaving the relegation zone in the Bundesliga) and the West B. demanded very little to the Gunners last Saturday (lack of intensity and pressure most of the game). Well, it is true that there has been a small improvement, but do not forget the 9 casualties drag the team, and taking into account the marathon parties that occur in the month of December.

Regarding the R. Koeman team is undoubtedly the feeling so far in the Premiership. They stood second in qualifying before playing their last match at home against M. City, which lost 0-3, but competed well all game (think the result is somewhat misleading with two goals in the last 10 min) . Even with the latter goals fitted, remain the fewest goals in the Premier League team. I think the defeat last weekend will motivate them a lot in their view Emirates.

Moreover, if we analyze the matches of this year’s Arsenal at home in domestic league we have: 2 wins (QPR and Burnley, both falling), 3 draws (. Man City, Tottenham and Hull City) and 1 loss ( Man. United). Undoubtedly, the Emirates is not a fortress. The number of Southampton away from home are nothing bad: 3 wins (West Ham, Swansea and Hull City) 1 draw (A Villa) and 2 losses (Liverpool and Tottenham). It is true that his two defeats have been the toughest teams, clubs the likes of Arsenal,

Honestly, I think Arsenal when they demand a little out afloat their defensive problems and concentration. If no shrinking Southampton and play as usual would not be crazy to think even a victory. But I’ll settle Koeman’s team out of the scoring Emirates.