Arsenal vs Southampton

Well, today we take a look at the feeling of the Premier League this year, that team is none other than Southampton.
At present, the Southampton is third and is seven points untreatable and unpalatable Chelsea, is the third rapper maximum of the league, 24 goals, and has less conceded, 9, even less than the defensive Chelsea, already say, a third of those goals were conceded last week Manchester City lost 0-3, that for a few minutes again the mighty team last season, has people like striker Pelle or smell scorer Long with very developed, now they have two weeks without winning, maybe have a mini crisis crisi or game.
Arsenal is now 7 and is four points in Europe, these are not definitive data without concern for a club that belongs to the aristocracy of the Premier, to my opinion, last year was the teams best football made, if not the best, but I miss you stuck at times, in the same way that I miss Liverpool head, are a run of two consecutive victories, 0-1 against West Brom seedy, and the Champions defeated Dortmund in a match that was not so, as the German leaders attended the meeting with 12 points and with a home draw and the leadership of their own group are secured.
I think Southampton will have made examination and play better than last week, on the other hand Arsenal has not stuck Manchester City.