May 7, 2003: Arsenal – Southampton 6-1

I dare to remember back a bit gaudy; May 7, 2003. A sunny afternoon at Highbury. Gunners had already lost the league to United, but had made it to the final in FA_cupen for the second year in a row. After David “ponytail” Seaman made the save of the century on Peschosolidos nick in the semifinal against the Blades from Sheffield, so waited Southampton in the final May 17 But before that, these two teams met at Highbury.

The date was May 7 and it was a playhouse for the Gunners. When in retrospect look at the team, you realize that Wenger must have roddat round properly among its players, and probably attracted lots, otherwise the picture is not up with the following teams:

Stuart Taylor – Kolo Toure, Igor Stepanov Oleg Lushny, Ryan Garry-Jermaine Pennant, Giovanni van Bronkchorst, Ray Parlour, Robert Pires-Nwanku Kanu and Thierry Henry. To further showcase the odd things came Stathis Tavlaridis, Justin Hoyte and Dennis Bergkamp in the second half.

The match was an utter autostrada for the Gunners, who rolled out a pale and resevbetonat The Saints after the notes. Pires, Henry, Pennant and Kanu had playhouse and Ray Parlour was behind most attacks. Robert Pires made the first goal almost immediately, as he slurped up the ball into the top corner after goalkeeper ruled out Pennant shot. Then did Pennant 2-0 on Parlours passport and 3-0 with a header. Pires snuck in between the shots after Henry found him and right before the break had been found Pennant on the edge again, and he placed the 5-0 near the post.

Norwegian Jo Tessem stack through on the counterattack and made 5.1 before Robert Pires finished the match with lobbying in 6-1 from 30 meters.

It was 6-1 in the Saints there. Pires and Pennant scored three each. For the latter, it was his only goal for the club and a hat-trick eleven minutes. Penn Annt moved on from a fairly problematic time in the Gunners with DUI, sent home from the youth national team etc and a career that is now taken him to Stoke. What häände with everyone’s Bobby, we all know that.

6-1 against the Saints was a demonstration of strength, but also the very nice start at 1:49 matches a long suite without loss.

Two weeks later they met Southampton at the Millennium Stadium. Pires scored in the first half and the Gunners won the FA Cup. So if you want you can find lots of signs in the sky by just 6-1 against the Saints.